Side quests appear top right of the screen. They are identified as a question mark inside a circle with a little one. They are random. You do not have to do them in order to advance the main quest.

Side quests list Edit

Kasino Edit

1000 food for a chance at a rare item. Betting 2000 or more does not double reward or chances.

Neanderthal Tablet - 1/8 chance

Tablet Part - 1/5 chance

Shiny Stone - 1/3 chance

Medium Container - 1/3 chance

Merchant Seduran Edit

Wants 50 Bricks for 1 Shiny Stone

Wants 50 Arrows for 1 Shiny Stone

Wants 25 Pot Full of Waters for 5 Honeys

Wants 3 Shiny Stones for 1 Gathering Bag

Wants 50 Arrows for 10 Honeys